In a world ruled by colorful creatures with an unhealthy obsession for bushy tails, run to protect your livelihood or chase your friends to take what is yours!

Winner of Sheridan College's Design Week 2019, Colourfools is an asymmetrical, local multiplayer game developed in Unity. It was made with a small team over a four-day game jam.

Together as a mixed team of strangers, we designed the game's mechanics. Directed by the jam's theme, sports, we decided early on that we all liked the feelings of fear and excitement when playing tag. Breaking down the simple mechanics of tag, led us to foundation of Colourfools. There are two types of players in the game, the hunter (red) and the hunted (green). This resulted in designing a 1v3 asymmetrical system. Balancing the abilities of the hunters/hunted proved difficult, but with playtesting we determined the proper variables for the two player types.

I was responsible for the game's design and aesthetics: gameplay and level design, environment art, user interface, and sound, including narration and music. All sounds in Colourfools are produced solely by my mouth.