You are a Cyberdetective Brainsleuth. Interface with experimental government tech from the 1980s to relive the emotions of a dead man's final day.

Developed in Unity with a four-person team, Cyberdetective Brainsleuth aims to create a free form narrative through the exploration of distinct emotions. I worked in designing the narrative and writing for the game.

Players traverse through the day's memories an hour at a time, choosing a core emotion to explore - joy, anger, fear, or sadness. Deeper contextual narrative is delivered to the player after choosing the correct core emotions per timeslot. This reveals more and more of the story until the whole picture is complete. Players are expected to relive the timeline several times in order to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.

Writing for a free-form style of exploratory narrative was something that had intrigued me. How could I convey a meaningful story when the player can read in any order they wish? The answer was to make the entire narrative a story puzzle. Players can only understand the whole tale after careful choices and close reading between the lines.