Dare or Dare Card List

Ever want to be in the Scandinavian Women's Wrestling Club, but didn't fit the bill? Well me too! That is why I created this card game!

Dare or Dare is a silly 2 player card game meant to be played in a public social setting.  It expands on the concept of a friendly dare, but introduces simple, yet crucial, bluffing and trust strategies. It is fast-paced, very easy to learn, and will certainly push your social limits.  Dare or Dare will test your friendships and reveal your true competitive nature. 

I designed gameplay, art, and narrative, researched the board game market, playtested with different groups of people in public spaces, and integrated balances over time. 

I had a few design pillars in mind when creating Dare or Dare:

Sample social area where Dare or Dare may be played.