Old Folks

Old Folks tells a story of an elder care facility in the future. You play as Juvi, a caretaking A.I, the latest innovation in medical artificial intelligence.

Inspired by my time working in senior care, Old Folks touches on topics such as the right to death, ageism, and man vs. technology.

I decided that telling the story from an artificial intelligence's point of view, would not only be interesting, but it would add depth to the story. It granted me the ability to tell a story from an impartial view, allowing the story to unravel around the player. It was an interesting challenge, having the player see from the eyes of a robot, rather than a human. This decision affected every aspect of the writing - from descriptions of the environment to the protagonist's character arc. As a computer booting up for the first time, the player is unsure of anything in the world. Discovery leads the player to the truth about their identity. By the time this is understood, a drastic decision must be made.

Old Folks is a non-linear, text-based story game with several different endings and playable in your browser. The game was built with Twine.