Harkening back to long nights at quarter-munching arcade cabinets, relive the '70s gaming scene with Opbjext. A neo-classic arcade game, face off head-to-head in a battle without compromises. Steadily take over your opponent's grounds and steal their precious Opbjext for victory.

Built for a custom arcade cabinet, Opbjext was made in Unity over four days with a small team. I was responsible for game design, environment art, level design, sound, and writing.

Opbjext is a 1v1 fighting game with a major twist - players can only attack each other indirectly by using a variety of randomly spawning items.

Creating a comprehensive 8-bit aesthetic provided interesting challenges throughout the design. Pixel art was an obvious choice for the look of the game and constant reference to arcade classics provided solid direction. Chiptune music was created specifically for the game, using true 1970s arcade cabinet sounds.

At the end of every round, a short narrative leaves the player with a taste behind the true meaning of Opbjext. As the player continues to play, the story behind the game is pieced together.